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Growing in Grace... 

Transforming Communities

What is Bridge of Life?

Who are you, and whose are you? The gospel boldly declares the answer: Dearly loved children of God, created in his image, made to know and be known by him. God shows us by his word that the world is full of brokenness to which we have added with our own sin. God calls us to recognize our utter inability to earn his love or "fix" our own lives, and asks us to depend completely on the grace he offers us through Jesus’ sacrificial love. God empowers us to live the truth of that grace among our neighbors near and far, demonstrating a new way of learning from each other and radical sharing- our words, our stuff, our joys and pains, our very lives. God called Bridge of Life to care deeply about our neighbors here in Gardenland/Northgate and others he brings us to- especially those forgotten or pushed aside by our fast-paced culture.

We are focused on deep relationships with God in Jesus and empowered by his Holy Spirit, sacrificially serving with all our neighbors. We build bridges between all people who have been divided along lines of ethnicity, economics, status, culture, etc., and we fight against the injustice that pervades our culture and creates systems of oppression that have all of us in their grip.
God’s word shows us that we all need each other. Emptiness and loneliness can be filled only by God, and he uses people to reach people. God is in the business of transforming hearts and minds, our neighborhood and the world, one person at a time. He invites us to join him in his reconciling work until that day when his kingdom is fully and finally revealed.